Reduced overheads like commercial space rent, travel allowance, electricity bill, office supplies, etc.

Employee happiness

Flexible working hours provides higher job satisfaction/morale hence reduced turnover/retention. Higher morale due to flexibility and anatomy.

IMproved productiviy

Increased employee productivity due to comfort of home, lesser interruptions, lesser commuting time and higher anatomy.

wider talent pool

No more limitation on hiring due to geographical constraints. Higher inflow of employees from other countries & companies thus increasing the quality of candidate pool.

The Expert Opinion

"Apart from the physical presence, work from home policy amid crisis is turning out to be productive and motivating for our employees. Personally, I am finding myself super productive and working harder than normal."
Upasana Taku
MobiKwik Founder
"WFH saw 35% jump in productivity for Droomers. Massive reduction in commute time, get ready time for meetings set-up & switching time. Less bio, tea/coffee & smoke breaks. Hundreds in single meeting possible sometimes in 5 mins."
Boris Kontsevoi
Intetics Founder
"Our challenge was to mitigate loneliness, we have come up with a couple of solutions, including a mass coffee break when all employees login over a video call in the evenings for coffee or virtual birthday celebrations."
Kartik Mandaville
SpringWorks, CEO