It’s scary to challenge the status quo but challenges are what make you ripe for success. We started our journey with a vision to break the culture of long commute hours, hampered productivity and expensive commercial rent. We knew it was going to be an uphill battle for us because for too long the society has associated work with office space. 

The minuscule correlation between work and office has been erroneously magnified to such levels that no longer can we think of working without a commercial office space in an immensely extravagant locations. but the coronavirus pandemic has made us aware that it is the employees that carry out the tedious tasks independent of those office spaces.

We at UnOffice provide you all the services and facilities of a workplace at doorstep of your employees. When your employees gain better flexibility and time saving, you get to save a big on those real estate bills and achieve much higher productivity from your employees. With out vision, we also aim to solve the problem of limited pool of high caliber candidates as with remote working, you enjoy a much larger pool of  candidates from various geographies.